Cort SFX-AB Ash Burl Semi Acoustic Guitar


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Ash Burl has been known to be one of the most complex and beautiful patterns on a tone wood. The modern SFX series with Ash Burl body has been highly sought after by players looking for that signature decorative patterns on an acoustic guitar. The new open pore finish lets out the true beauty of the patterns that players can touch and feel, while making the guitar sound more natural.


All Ash Burl Model

An exotic wood, ash burl is used on top, back and sides for a one-of-a-kind look, sound and feel. The wood’s sonic character is brilliant and sparkling with a solid punchy midrange and a tight low-end.


Includes a 3-band EQ for tonal flexibility and a built-in LED tuner for convenience. This high-value EQ system delivers a rich midrange with clear transparent highs.



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