Orange Crush Bass 50 Glenn Hughes Ltd Ed Bass Amp Combo – 50 Watts (Purple)


Orange Crush Bass 50 Glenn Hughes Ltd Ed Bass Amp Combo - 50 Watts (Purple)

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CRUSH BASS 50 in a Deep Purple Vinyl with silver ‘Glenn Hughes Limited Edition’ PlaqueRock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Hughes, who has been an Orange Ambassador for nearly a decade, wasfor many years the bass player and vocalist with Deep Purple, who recently celebrated fifty years of definitive classichard rock. Hughes is also known as the bassist and vocalist for funk rock band Trapeze, Black Country Communionwith Joe Bonnamassa, California Breed and more recently The Dead Daisies.The Crush Bass 50 compact combo, inspired by Orange’s flagship OB1 and 4 Stroke amplifiers, perfectly blends someof the most defining elements of each. It has the essentials of a practice rig with all the tone and features of aprofessional one. The bass amp delivers warm, modern cleans, vintage grind, bold punchy lows, all the way up tofull-on distorted mayhem. Plus, the limited edition is finished in a distinctive deep purple vinyl with a special silvercoloured plaque ‘Glenn Hughes Limited Edition’.Talking about the Crush Bass 50, Hughes said: ‘You can go in the studio, take that bass combo and make your albumwith something like that, it’s truly outstanding. It’s gritty, it’s punchy: sustain is so important and it’s certainly gotall that.’ He added: ‘Orange all the way……’s the future, it’s the way to go, you heard it from me!’‘We are very excited to honour Glenn, he has played such a big part in British music history and heavy rock,’ saidCliff Cooper, Orange Amps CEO and Founder. ‘To make a purple amp seemed the best way to pay tribute to him.’From warm modern cleans, through to vintage grind and all the way up to full-on distorted mayhem, the Crush Bass 50 combines the essentials of a practice rig with tone and features normally reserved for the pros. The Crush Bass 50 draws inspiration from our flagship OB1 and 4 Stroke amplifiers, bringing some of the defining elements of each into a compact combo.Like the rest of the Crush Bass range, this 50 Watt model delivers bold and punchy lows courtesy of its analogue circuitry and ported cabinetry. The extremely flexible active EQ section includes a sweepable parametric mid band, allowing players to shape their signature sound without limitations. For even more versatility, the interactive Gain and Blend controls are primed for creating enormous ‘bi-amped’-style tones with ease, adding extra harmonics and variable levels of grit to the core bass tone. They can also be switched in remotely using the optional footswitch. Other handy features include a buffered effects loop, integrated tuner, aux. input and a headphone output with our Cabsim circuitry.• FEATURES: ACTIVE 3 BAND EQ, PARAMETRIC MID CONTROL, BI-AMP INSPIRED BLEND & GAIN CONTROLS (FOOTSWITCHABLE), BUFFERED EFFECTS LOOP, CHROMATIC TUNER, CABSIM-LOADED HEADPHONE OUTPUT & AUX IN• CONTROLS (RIGHT TO LEFT): -6DB PAD SWITCH, GAIN, BLEND, BASS, FREQUENCY, MIDDLE, TREBLE, VOLUME (BELOW) INTEGRATED CHROMATIC TUNER• FINISH OPTIONS: ORANGE OR BLACK BASKETWEAVE VINYL• OUTPUT POWER: 50 WATTS• SPEAKER: 12″• UNBOXED DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 43 × 48.5 × 27.5CM (16.93 × 19.09 × 10.83″)• UNBOXED WEIGHT: 14.45KG (31.85LB)


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