Swiff P100 Ultra-thin 9v Multi Power Supply with Adjustable Voltage


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The appearance of fashion, power supply stability
Can be at the same time for 6 9V 100mA, 2 9V or 12V 300mA, 1 9v-24v 300mA effect of the power supply input
Equipped with a 9-24v between the power output interface, can be 24V tube effect to provide a stable power supply, but also to fine-tune the voltage to achieve the personalized needs of the effect device
Multiple interface output, each output interface has independent overload protection design
Innovative top Plug and output export, not only to meet the small space needs, more space-saving
The whole body of the use of aerospace aluminum material shell, high hardness, strong heat dissipation
The product thickness of thin to 20mm, ultra-thin design more convenient to carry
Silicone Siamese protection cover, protection cover design, can prevent loss of protection cover, can keep the interface clean, prevent foreign bodies fall into, resulting in damage to the interface
Application:9V-24V Effector
 Package Included:
1 x The effect of adjustable power supply
1 x Power adapter
9 x DC line
1 x Manual



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