Boss CP1X Compressor Pedal (MDP Special Edition)


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The all-new CP-1X Compressor uses proprietary MDP technology (Multi Dimensional Processor) to create what may be the world’s most advanced compressor pedal.

MDP is able analyse the incoming guitar signal in a variety of “dimensions” including volume, pitch, harmonic content and more. The CP-1X is then able to adapt it’s processing with respect to these tonal dimensions, resulting in a dynamically compressed, yet incredibly natural guitar tone.

Other features include it’s visual gain reduction meter, incredibly effective digital noise reduction circuit, and special input electronics that allow 18v of operational headroom using a single 9v battery.

For guitar players who have always looked for a compressor that performs its function without altering the fundamental tone or harmonic content of the instrument, the CP-1X may just be the best thing yet.

  • Next-generation guitar compressor that uses BOSS’s advanced MDP tech to preserve musical expression
  • Intelligent circuitry adapts to every register and playing nuance, providing natural compression with exceptional clarity
  • Sophisticated under-the-hood processing with multiple interlocking parameters, accessible with simple stompbox controls
  • Gain reduction indicator shows the current compression amount at a glance
  • Digital circuitry greatly reduces noise, a common problem with standard compressors
  • Professional 18-volt input electronics provide ample headroom for clean, punchy sound
  • Works with all types of guitars, including seven- and eight-string instruments and acoustic-electrics
  • BOSS five-year warranty


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