Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling Series Ray4 Bass Guitar – Black with Maple Kneck


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Music Man Sterling Series Ray4 B – 4 String Active Bass Guitar – Black with Maple Kneck

Great Tone Control with Maximum Flexibility
Based of it’s cousin, the Music Man String Ray,the Series Ray4 boasts the same impressive build quality and unique, original design. With active electronics, large magnetic pole humbucker pickup and satin finished neck, the Ray4 offers plenty of tone adjustment all while looking and feeling great to play.

On board 2 Band Active Preamp
The Sterling S.U.B. Series line of Ray4 bass guitars feature a single humbucker pick up wired to a 2 Band Active Preamp. The large magnetic poles are perfect for large, low-end frequencies, and the dual channels of Preamp EQ provide full boost and cut of bass and treble. Tones can be aggressive, wild or mild, and easily adjusted to any genre. The high output of the pickup reproduces the natural tone of the bass with clarity and minimal colouration to the sound.

Battery Powered
Powered by a single 9V battery with a simple, easy to open battery hatch, battery changes for the active preamp are quick and easy. Battery life should last for several months before needing to be changed. Always unplug the bass when not in use to get the most out of the battery life.

A Design Built to Last a Lifetime
Superior design and construction make the Sterling SUB Ray4 a solid, well built instrument that is made to last through countless hours of use in all musical situations. Designed by Music Man, the 6-bolt neck joint offers great tone transfer, as well as strength, stability and support, so the neck will always stay in position under a heavy load. If adjustments are needed, the truss rod adjuster at the base of the neck provides a quick and simple solution to get the Ray4 bass guitar positioned exactly how you want it. The smooth heel of the neck and large cut out allow for maximum playability when reaching the higher frets.

Top Mounted Output Jack
The conveniently placed top mounted output jack eliminates fumbling and reduces accidental cable pull-outs. The heavy duty jack is built to withstand plenty of use and abuse, another great design feature of the SUB Ray4.

With a great tone, a design known throughout the music industry, and available in a stylish Vintage Sunburst, the Sterling S.U.B Series Ray4 Bass Guitar is made to turn heads.


  • Solid hardwood bodies
  • 34″ full scale maple necks
  • Medium jumbo frets
  • Satin tinted neck finish
  • 38mm nut
  • 2 band on board active preamp, cut & boost
  • Large heavy duty bass bridge with full adjustments
  • Easy access truss rod adjuster
  • 6 bolt super strong neck joint


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