Ernie Ball Slash Signature String Limited Edition 3-Pack in Presentation Tin


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Ernie Ball introduces a limited edition set of custom wound Slash signature Slinky strings. Slash’s new signature string sets are the culmination of over three decades of Slash and Ernie Ball’s ongoing pursuit to create strings that provide more durability and tuning stability without sacrificing tone or feel. These new sets consist of his preferred 11-48 gauge Slinkys wound with Paradigm core wire and plasma enhanced nickel-plated steel wrap wire, while the Paradigm plain strings are constructed with a heavier brass wire reinforcement at each of the ball ends for better tuning stability and strength. These limited edition string sets are highly collectible and conveniently packaged in a three-pack embossed tin box for easy storage.

  • Bright, Balanced Tone
  • Classic Slinky Feel
  • Wound Strings wrapped with Paradigm plasma-enhanced nickel-plated steel
  • around ultra high strength tin-plated steel hex cores
  • Wound strings treated with patented Everlast nanotechnology
  • Paradigm Ultra-High Strength Tin Plated Steel Plain Strings
  • Reinforced Plains Strings (RPS) featuring heavier brass reinforcement
  • Gauges (11, 14, 18, 28, 38, 48)


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