Kustom Amps KG112FX 20w Guitar Amp


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The Kustom KG112FX is a 20W combo amp, with a clean channel that offers clear, dynamic tones that are perfect for a wide variety of musical styles, and the gain control provides some classic dirty tones. 3 EQ controls, built-in reverb and delay, Aux in.

Classic Tone
The KG112FX amp’s Rhythm channel offers clear, dynamic tones that are perfect for a wide variety of musical styles. Using the Gain control, the Lead channel can dish out anything from chunky Classic Rock sounds to the heaviest, modern Metal tones out there. Separate Bass, Middle and Treble controls let players fine-tune the amp’s tonal response as required. In addition, the KG112FX provides built-in Reverb and Delay effects that may be activated on the amp’s front panel. Reverb can provide anything from subtle room ambiance to an all-out wash of cavernous sound. Delay is perfect for fattening up lead tones, especially when combined with distortion.

Kustom Amps and Cabinets
Artists using Kustom products in the 1960s and ‘70s spanned a wide stylistic range from Rock (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Leon Russell, The MC5) to Country (Johnny Cash) to Pop (The Jackson 5, the Carpenters) to R&B (James Jamerson) and Jazz (Herbie Hancock). There are many reasons for this wide acceptance: higher power levels than the competition, product reliability, the visual flair and innovative features that other companies simply didn’t offer. Today, Kustom honors its trend-setting past by building award-winning amplifiers and P.A. systems with features and tones that inspire a whole new generation of players.


  • RMS wattage: 20 watts
  • Speaker: 1 x 12″ Kustom
  • Channels: lead and rhythm
  • Tone controls: bass, middle, treble
  • Effects: reverb, delay
  • Gain control: yes, lead channel
  • Headphone jack: yes
  • Auxiliary input: yes
  • Weighs in at 7.25kg


RMS Output 5 watts
Input One -1/4”
Tone Control Bass, Middle, & Treble
Speakers 1 x 12″ Kustom speaker
Power Amp circuit Organic Overdrive
Dimensions 42cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 23cm (D)


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