SIT Silencer Light Semi-Flat Electric Guitar String Set (10-46)


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Nickel plated steel electric. The Silencer process of “Inverse String Winding” compresses the outermost part of the cover wrap leaving the internal portion of the string intact. This design gives a bright sound with a semi-flat feel.

Gauge: Light .010, .013, .017, .026SL, .036SL, .046SL
Package: 6 Strings

S.I.T. (“Stay In Tune”)…

It is our goal that you will always be in tune if you are using any of our products. S.I.T. Strings was founded on a belief that a guitar string is more than just an accessory of little importance, but rather an integral part of a musician’s sound and voice.
That is why, since 1980, we have been manufacturing strings one at a time, all here at the S.I.T. Strings factory in Akron, Ohio USA.


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